From 1 Video to a Multi-Platform Network

Now you can extend your YouTube experience beyond the wall garden and launch your owned and operated microsites equipped with VOD and Ad-serving features that put you in control of your monetization like never before.
Reach and Monetize your audience where they already are inside of Facebook with your very own Monetizable Video Channel equipped with VOD and ad-serving.
dotstudioPRO provides management, monetization, distribution and tracking tools.

Earn meaningful revenue through your own branded application, cross social media and connected platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Mobile, Roku and Smart TVs.

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A truly scalable platform that meets the needs of a single creator to a Multi-Platform Network.

For Creators

  1. Distribute directly to your audience.
  2. Monetize - Add paywall and advertising to your videos and microsites.
  3. 100% monetization transparency – Track your monetization across all devices and platforms from your statistics dashboard.
  4. Ready to unhinge, and build out your own network? No problem, add multi-channels and become a multi-platform network in minutes!

For Enterprise

  1. Decrease the amount of time and resources it takes to run your online network.
  2. Content syndication in a matter of minutes.
  3. Manage multiple verticals and multiple brands from one dashboard. Create teams and roles in a matter of minutes.
  4. Create custom analytics to fit your business needs. Access to raw data.


Our Enterprise Dashboard Starts at just $599 US per month!

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Users get the following:

Upload 2 movies/Month
1 TB Delivery/Month

Extend your videos beyond YouTube

Free YouTube video ingestion

Brand & Monetize Your Microsite

Paywall & Advertising enabled

Charge for your videos

Schedule and own your Ads

Everywhere. Microsites, Mobile and Facebook.

OTT and Smart TVs Coming Soon!

Create distribution windows

Own your own data

Monetize your content directly in Facebook

Know who your audience is and how they are engaging with your content

Scalable platform that works with your business model

Add team Members and Content Verticals


gives content creators for the first time ever the ability to aggregate content and take full advantage of new technologies, aiding in management, distribution, marketing, and monetization. This business model empowers digital media professionals to become their own independent studios, distributing content from a single video, to an MCN, across multiple platforms. dotstudioPRO bridges the gap between digital and traditional broadcast content.